About Jessica Bird

Jessica Bird is a photographer based out of Austin, Texas and one of the most recognized photographers in Austin.  She is cofounder of her own photography studio of the same name which has featured photoshoots of over 70 different people in the last year alone. Her vibrant, eye-catching, candid wedding photography shots and travel photos have been viewed thousands of times in websites, online publications & photography shows.

Initially self-taught, Jessica attended plenty of renowned photography courses to seal her mastery of the photographic arts.

After living for the past few years in Los Angeles and New York, Jessica has gone back to her roots in beautiful Austin Texas, where she set up shop close to the Austin Boardwalk. She currently lives with her husband, Jack, (also a photographer) after meeting (incidentally during a creative photography course).

Jessica continues to passionately share her photography tips, galleries, shoots, and travels with her social media followers hoping to inspire them to capture beautiful photographic memories with whatever lens or camera they have at the moment.

Recently, Jessica has also ventured into new territory with aerial photography and video, using various kinds of High-definition camera drones.