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Over the 150 years ago, the first aerial photography was taken in the year of 1855. The French balloonist and a photographer Gasped Felix Tourna chon, who was also called as Nadar, has got an idea of about aerial photos for mapmaking as well as surveying. After three years, he took the first historical aerial photography in the year of 1858. This initial image was taken from a certain height of hot air balloon, which was just eight meters above the ground. Unfortunately, this initial photograph was lost at that time. One of the oldest aerial photographs taken by the James Wallace Black still existed now. He also taken an aerial photo from the hot air balloon and this photography of Boston was taken in the year of 1860. Until the year of 1879, there were lots of images taken and process by using the early process of collodion photographic. This process means that the complete darkroom had to be carried out in the basket of balloon. When the process of dry plate was invented, then it made it possible to capture the photographs of flight balloon for free. In the earlier days, the photography pioneers can also be used the kites, rockets and pigeons to carry out their cameras into the air. In the year of 1882, one of the famous English meteorologist named as E.D. Archibald was the first person who took the photos successfully from the kite. Actually, he has attached the cameras in a string of kites to the last one. The Swedish inventor named as Alfred Nobel was taken the first aerial photos successfully with a camera, which was mounted on a rocket. This has happened in the year of 1897. In the year of 1903, the Julius Neubranner has designed a little breast-mounted camera, which was put on the carrier pigeons. After setting this camera, it was taken the shots automatically after every thirty seconds, while the pigeons were flying on the sky. In the year of 1906, the George R. Lawrence has captured the images by using a camera, which was attached to the string of kites. He also used a large camera, which was specifically designed by using a curved film plate. However, this could be made it possible to capture a large amount of pictures including the panoramic images. In 1909, the passenger in the airplane of Wilbur Wright has taken an aerial photograph from the plane at first time. From that time, the cameras have evolved and were specially designed to be used in the thermal infra-red detectors as well as airplanes. At the end of the First World War, the Sherman M. Fairchild has designed a camera with built-in lens. Later, this design has enhanced the aerial photographs quality and then set its standard for aerial photography for the upcoming fifty years. However, the photos that they took are still a big aerial exposure that was ever made by others. The camera was also very heavy as well as large, which took around seventeen kites to lift the camera above two thousand feet into the air from the ground. What are the remote aerial cameras used for taking photography? Nowadays, the remote cameras are used in several industries in order to capture the images from anywhere. With the advancement of new technologies, this option has made. Even the advancements in the weight, camera size and maneuverability are the key factors to use this latest aerial photography beach in the following industries: Insurance In a society, the insurance companies are used the remote cameras that are helpful for targeting the fraud. This type of camera can reduce the human investigators risk in the precarious positions or hazardous structures. With the use of historical aerial photography, it allows the close- up shots of flood, fire and industrial accidents. By using this aerial photography, you can also identify the exact position of cars and the amount of damage incurred to be captured as well as memorialized for the purpose of insurance. Tourism When it comes to the tourism, the picture is worth a thousand words. Usually, visiting the particular destination can be a challenging task for the vacationers. Of course, the videos and photography play an ultimate role in tourism. The professional remote aerial photography has an ability to take the beaches, canyons, islands, mountains, waterways and ski areas from the closer range. However, a virtual tour has become a latest fashion trend in the tourism industry. Private investigation The private investigators always have a complete checking out information with their hands. Today, most of the private investigators can use the unconventional methods such as unmanned aerial photography. They can simply send the camera over illegal dumping site and follow the person via city streets. This can be easily achieved with a remote access. Wildlife management Historically, the wild animals are quite complicating to capture, tag and track. Instead of using digital cameras, you can use the remote cameras to take capture that minimizes the safety risks involved in the parties. Resorts and recreation Of course, every golf course and resort wants to promote itself as being beautiful as well as unique. Nowadays, the remote cameras can be used to take the breathtaking shots. Even many resorts allow capturing the aerial video graph. Aerial videos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s9NS7tqhCgQ In recent days, the historical aerial photography has become an ultimate mode of promoting festivals, services and events as well. Even many theme parks and amusement parks can use this aerial photograph to highlight their strength of business. In addition to, many government organizations and different private sectors can also use this aerial videos and photography for spotting the specific locations for surveillance, agriculture, construction and wildlife management and so on. The aerial video and photography also attracts the tourists in the world popular landmarks and also helps many states in its economic and industrial activities. Therefore, this kind of aerial photography can be used by several different businesses in all over the globe. Also, the vast geographical area can use the aerial photography and its videos for promoting its highlights....